About me

A brief Biography

My name is Dick Carrillo Melgarejo and welcome to my CV page. I am an Engineer with experience on Wireless Communication by more than 15 years. All this time was shared between academy and industry. In my Master I worked with OFDM and non-linear systems, and now in my PhD I am studying GFDM, Grant-free access, reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, and cell-free massive MIMO.
Nowadays, I am doing a double degree PhD program at LUT University from Finland and UNICAMP from Brazil. My Master degree in Electrical Engineering was done in the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My bachelor in Electronic Engineering was done in San Marcos National University, in Lima, Perú.
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Strong Messages with Short Phrases

When I finished my master degree program 12 years ago, I was not able to match many subjective definitions from the academy on the industrial world. So, many ideas and definitions were only suitable for books and academic references. However, I was not able to match them with the real world. For this reason, I was taking a look outside this amazing bubble that lasted more than 10 years.
Now, many questions are clarified and after 10 years I am coming back to academy. The idea is to complement my industry experience with amazing mathematical models and tecnologies that are leading 5G and Beyond wireless generation. For this reason, I can say that my view of the encounter point between academy and industry is today more comprehensive than before.